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Abby Douglas- Main character
Age 10 years old, in the 4th grade. The main character of the story lives in Spring Valley with her father, Jerry and two older brothers, Tom and Jeff. She has premonitions, her father claims it is a gift. She is inquisitive, intelligent and by the standards of her time and place a “tomboy.” Abby has a basic faith in the goodness of the people in her community; she has a strong will and can be stubborn at times. As the story progresses she has to learn to accept that bigotry and prejudice exist, and witnesses the grown up perspective that teaches her about good and evil. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Freckles across the nose.

Sherlock-  Mixed Terrier (Belongs to the Douglas Family)
The family dog. Shaggy brown hair, he has the run of the neighborhood and every family in the community knows him.

Linda Berit- Abby’s most dearest friend
Abby’s best friend, kindred spirit and neighbor. Linda has an active imagination and becomes involved in many of Abby’s adventures throughout their childhood. She is a very sensitive, very shy personality who plans everything. Lives across the lake with her parents and younger sister.

Andy Fletcher- one of the gang
Andy Fletcher, a few months older than Abby. His parents are divorced and he lives just down the road, with his older brother, Bobby, and their mother. He is tall and muscular for his age, his appearance is always a little grubby. He has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes, and he’s always a little klutzy or awkward. He is a devoted friend. The Fletchers and the Douglas’s had been friends since both families moved to the valley years ago. Abby considered Andy to be one of her closest friends; she could talk to him about anything.

Josh Bender  – one of the gang
Josh Bender: AKA “Froggy”  Andy’s best friend, the gang calls him Froggy because of his raspy voice. He is a scrawny, sickly, asthmatic boy. Likes to be a comedian, has a chunky build, round belly.

Mary Wright- Highsmith- one of the gang
Mary’s curly red hair and pale complexion rosy cheeks and bright green eyes. Mary, an only child, creative when it comes to dressing. She was good at picking out color schemes and original looking outfits that all the girls liked. Mary lives two houses down from Andy’s across the gravel road.

Jerry Douglas
The widowed father of Abby, Tom, and Jeff. Jerry is a hard working middle class factory worker from the city of Cleveland, Ohio. He moved his family to Spring Valley, to make a better life for his children. Jerry believes in racial equality and hopes to instill his sense of morality into his children.

Tom Douglas
Abby’s 14-year-old teenage brother. Tom lean slim, six-foot frame. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Freckles across the nose.

Jeff Douglas
Abby’s 12-year-old brother. He enjoys teasing his sister whenever he gets the chance. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Freckles across the nose.

Aunt Margaret
Aunt Margaret is Jerry Douglas’ youngest sister. She regularly helps out at the Douglas residents.

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