Narrators of Abby Douglas Mystery Series

Caroline Miller
Caroline is an audiobook narrator with over 90 titles narrated and produced- available through iTunes,, and Amazon. Fiction, with many character voices and no-fiction titles. Caroline narrates, “Secret’s in the Shoe Box.” The first book within the Abby Douglas Mystery Series.

Jonathan Wessel
Jonathan is a Christian actor, singer, cellist and teacher who has appeared in over 20 theatrical productions and countless music concerts. He is from Oak Forest, Illinois. He narrates “Titanic Museum Mystery,” the second book within the Abby Douglas Mystery Series.

April Sugarman
April is a Los Angeles based actress and voice-over artist. Her favorite part of narrating audiobooks is giving each character a different voice. April loves to read. Her favorite series of books as a child was Nancy Drew. The Abby Douglas Mystery Series reminds her of those books. April narrates “Spelling Bee Mystery.” The third and “Amish Farm Mystery” forth book.

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Eileen Rizzo      Port St. Lucie, Florida, US
Eileen is a studio professional. She has narrated and produced 33 audiobooks selling on audible, Amazon and iTunes. She is a VO freelance specialist and has written, narrated and produced demos for commercials, biographies, PSA’s, entertainment news, travel, radio station imaging; as well as phone prompts, on hold messaging and voice mails. Always reliable, professional and friendly, she is creative and flexible. Her reads can be silly or sultry; child-like or senior; friendly or sarcastic. Eileen has an extensive vocal range. Looking for an authentic New Yawk voice? Look no further. Eileen is a New York native. Eileen narrates “Valentine Day Mystery,” within the Abby Douglas Mystery Series. 

Jessica Gaylor
Jessica is a highly motivated mother and educator who is described by others as maternal, loving, funny, confident and genuine. I am passionate about acting and LOVE’s to read! Jessica narrates “Abby Visits the White House,” within Abby Douglas Mystery Series.


Anne Valliere

Anne can have a voice that can sound childlike or world-weary and experienced depending on the requirements of the material. I have written many songs, short stories, essays and have a love of the English language. I have recorded many audiobooks for nonprofit agencies, specializing in young adult books. My love of literature and all things written comes out in the recordings I create. My goal is to allow the listener to lose him/herself  in the world the author has created. Anne narrates “Theater Phantom Mystery,” within the Abby Douglas Mystery Series.   

Triera Holley
Triera has always enjoyed books. As a child my two favorite past time activities were puzzles and books. As a young adult, I started my career as a software security consultant, but I found that I missed the literary world. So now, I have built a new life where I get to do what I truly enjoyed. Narrating audiobooks. This allows me to pick and choose some amazing stories that I want to read and give voice to. Triera narrates “Mystery Weekend on Alcatraz Island,” within the Abby Douglas Mystery Series.

Kim Bartunek
Kim is an abide reader and listener of audiobooks. A retired teacher and nanny, she is crazy good at pronunciation, diction, inflection, enthusiasm and joy. She brings all that into the studio with her to create a thoughtful and professional production of your work. Kim narrates “Abby’s First Field Trip,” within the Abby Douglas Mystery Series.

Abby Douglas Mystery Series

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