M. M. Plott Biography

“Abby Douglas Mystery Series” by author M. M. Plott currently offers 9 books within the series.

M. M. Plott grew up in the 1960’s just like her Abby character. She lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho with her husband. Her daughter is the graphic designer of her book covers as well as maintaining her website, Pintrest, YouTube pages. As M. M. Plott was growing up she loved reading mysteries and enjoyed solving a few along with her friends. After sharing her childhood stories with her daughter, she was encouraged to share them with other mystery lovers. When writing she enjoys sitting on her front porch listening to the water fountain, birds and squirrels play in the yard.

Abby Douglas Mystery Series is a series of light mysteries with some scary, spine-tingling moments. Readers of all ages can follow along with Abby as she helps her friends in trouble and solves mysteries along the way.

Many devoted “Abby Douglas readers,” will be excited to hear about Abby’s two most latest books, one taking place in 1972, when then twenty-year old Abby Douglas is attending a “Mystery Weekend” reunion with her childhood friends, on deserted Alcatraz Island off of the California coast where another mystery unfolds for Abby as the guests begin to disappear one by one.  The young sleuth’s weekend becomes a full-blown investigation to find out who turned a fun Mystery Weekend into a Halloween horror show.  The other current one features what readers have been asking about. A much younger Abby where she is only in the 1st grade,  going on her first class field trip.

Abby Douglas Mystery Series

 By Author M. M. PLOTT    Contact the author by email at:   mmplott@outlook.com  Books within ABBY DOUGLAS MYSTERY SERIES INCLUDE: ...